Westside Joe's will service all makes and models that are able to be repaired.  Bicycle repairs can be of many varieties.  From a flat tire to a complete overhaul.  While not all services are below, the most common have been listed.  Pricing listed includes labor and basic lubricants to complete the service.  If, upon inspection, we find any parts worn or broken that should be replaced/repaired, we will contact to discuss our recommendation.

New Bicycle Purchase
All bicycles have a break in period.  New cables stretch and parts adjust a little as the new bike is ridden.  A person can expect the shifting to not work as smoothly, the brakes to have more lever pull etc.  We offer free tune ups for a year with all new bicycle purchases.  The break in period occurs sooner with more riding.  So, the more a person rides a new bike, the sooner the break in period tune up is needed.
It's not uncommon for new riders to want to enhance their new bike with accessories.  With the purchase of a new bike, you receive a 15% discount on all accessories for for one month. We will install any accessories purchased from Joe's at no additional labor charge for as long as you own the bike.  So, go ahead and get that computer, kickstand and fenders.  We'll be happy to install them.

Joe's Tune Up - $79
Includes - Front & Rear Derailleur Adjustment, Front & Rear Brake Adjustment, Check headset & bottom bracket (adjust if needed), wheel true (lateral only), clean and lubricate drive train, check all nut & bolt tension, fill tires to recommended air pressure, check pivot points and cables and wipe down the frame.

Complete Overhaul - $220
Major service that includes complete dis-assembly of the bicycle, clean, hand wax and rebuild.  All parts are given an oil bath if appropriate, cleaned and inspected and bike is rebuilt.  New cables will be added during this process.  Wheel truing is also included.


A la Carte Services Include
Bottom Bracket Install - 25
Brake Adjustment - 15
Hydraulic Brake Bleed and Adjust - 40
Cable install and adjustment - 20
Computer Installation - 10
Front or Rear Derailleur Adjustment - 15
Hanger Alignment - 25

Grip/Tape Installation or Wrap - 10
Headset Adjustment - 15
Headset Install - 25
Hub Adjustment/Overhaul - 10/25
Kickstand Installation - 5
Tube/Tire Replacement - 10
Wheel Truing - 15 to 25
Install rear rack - 15
Install Baby Seat - 25
Install Fenders - 25