About Us

Alameda’s Oldest And Newest Bike Shop


Our Philosophy

There's a bike for every person. Whether you ride once a month, once a week or everyday, Westside Joe's has the bike that fits your riding style and budget. We are passionate about bicycles!

Contact us if you have questions or want to book your bike fitting appointment.

Hours Of Operation

Open 11am -7pm Weekdays

Sat. 10 - 6pm Sun. 11- 5pm

Closed Tuesdays

Joe's Story

Shortly after WWII ended, Joe's Bike Shop opened on Webster St. just above Lincoln Ave. 
Joe hired my brother Chris to help him assemble his bikes in the 70's. 
When Joe passed, his wife sold the business to Rick and Judy. In 1980,
Joes Bike Shop relocated to Encinal Ave. near Morton Street. The new owners
decided to give me a crack at it and hired me as a mechanic. Working at Joe's 
was dream come true. When I wasn't wrenching, I trained for triathlons and
worked part time in a pizza parlor on Bay Farm Island. Eventually I moved on
to pursue other interests. In 1995, a bike shop on Bay Farm Island 
became available and my brother & I bought it and named it Joes Bike Shop.
We had a great time fixing and selling bikes in our community. Around 2000,
I sold Joe's and moved out of state. I never stopped missing my home town 
& moved back to Alameda with a dream of reopening Joe's. This time, I looked for a 
storefront on the West End of Alameda, hoping to bring Joe's back to it's original
stomping grounds. Fortunately I was at the right place at the right time and 
found Joe's 4th location at 1000 Central Ave. After a tasteful build out, I'm happy 
to say, Westside Joe's Bikes is back in business!